Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive?

Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive

What is so special about Birkin?

The Exclusivity of Hermès Birkins and Kellys If you have any interest in elite fashion, then the word ‘Hermes’ is definitely one you are familiar with. The manufacturer was born out of Paris, France, and is also known as ‘Hermes of Paris’. It has become one of the most elite brands in the world since its development in 1837 and today, the brand is known for specialization in leather, lifestyle accessories, perfumery, as well as luxury goods—most notably, the Birkin and Kelly handbags in a wide range of stunning designs and made with expensive materials. Within the fashion industry, there are numerous elite pieces that are yearned for by women all over the world. Those with money want to show it off in the public eye, and adding these luxurious pieces to their wardrobe is an infallible way to do so. But money isn’t the only thing that matters, especially when it comes to obtaining a Birkin or Kelly bag.

The hurdle that must be overcome in order to get a Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag is what makes these fashion pieces even more exclusive—everyone wants those rare items that are hard to come by, and in the case of these beautifully designed bags, it is no small matter to obtain one of your own. The bag is said to be equivalent to a sports car for men and is truly a dream piece for any woman interested in fashionable merchandise.

Getting your own Birkin or Kelly bag can be a stroke of luck, or it can come from knowing the right people. If you truly want this elite piece of merchandise, then you will need to have the patience to wait out the perfect opportunity. Even if you have the money it requires to buy one of these prestigious bags, it will take more than simply ordering one and handing over your cash. Auction houses selling a Birkin or Kelly bag will be filled with tense and wealthy people, all desperate to be the winning bidder of such an exclusive and luxurious bag. What makes these bags so special? Birkin and Kelly bags are specially made purses designed with high quality materials, including cow, lizard, and luxurious ostrich, as well as various types of crocodile skin. The design of the Kelly bag is a trapezoid shape and is an older design from the early 1900s. It is normally even harder to get because they are becoming more rare and limited. Today, Birkin bags are more commonly flaunted by celebs and models because they are a newer design that was created in 1981 and has become an extremely desirable item.

However, just because they are more common doesn’t mean they are easy to get. Birkin bags are extremely exclusive and you will have to search high and low if you want one, or know the right people who can make your dream Birkin accessible. These bags are undoubtedly a symbol of wealth. This is due to their high prices, which can range from as low as $10,000 to as high as $150,000.

They are used as a status symbol and are typically bought by celebrities and super models that represent the exclusivity of the bag. These bags are exclusive, meaning they are only available to a small group of people who have the right connections and can afford to spend so much on a bag. Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive In conclusion, Birkin and Kelly bags are a true delight for any fashionista, and are luxurious due to the high quality make as well as how hard they are to come by. These bags from Hermes have become a true fashion statement over the years and will continue to be flaunted by the wealthiest people in the world.

Are Birkin bags really worth it?

Recap on Honest Review of the Hermès Birkin Bag? – The Hermes Birkin bag is my favorite and most coveted bag in my handbag collection. If you are thinking about purchasing one, I hope this article provided you some insight on what to expect. I can’t wait to continue to use and wear my Hermes bag. Sincerely Petite in Paris, Diane

Is Birkin overpriced?

Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive The Hermès Birkin bag is the single most highly coveted luxury handbag on the planet. With the Birkin bag price ranging from $8,500 to over $300,000 at the boutique, it’s also the most expensive bag in fashion history, But why are they so expensive, and is the Birkin possibly worth the price? Let’s delve into both questions.

How much should I pay for a Birkin?

No wonder the Birkin bag is considered to be one of the most expensive and coveted bags in the world. – A new Birkin handbag could cost a consumer anywhere from $8,500 to almost $2 million depending on which handbag style is purchased. But the question on everyone’s mind is why does a Birkin bag cost so much?

Why would anyone buy a Birkin bag?

History of the Birkin Bag – The Hermès Birkin bag is an icon in the fashion world, highly sought-after by celebrities and the handbag-obsessed, The Hermès bag’s design is a collaboration between Jane Birkin and Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas. The two met on a flight from Paris to London in 1984.

  1. Birkin confided in Dumas that she lacked a purse with appropriate functionality for her fast-paced lifestyle.
  2. Out of this conversation, the Birkin 40 in chic calfbox leather was born.
  3. The Birkin’s practical design featuring two rolled handles, a flap top, clou “feet,” and a lock closure continues to resonate today.

The very first Birkin bag also had a strap but all Birkin bags after this initial bag did not have a strap. The Birkin remains a coveted Hermès bag thanks to its signature Hermès craftsmanship and exclusivity. A Birkin bag takes an expert artisan a minimum of 18 hours to create and is marked with a code that identifies its year of creation, the workshop it was crafted in, and the artisan who made it.

To buy a Birkin directly from Hermès, customers must have a purchase history with the brand. Hermès only allows boutiques to purchase a select number of Birkins on a bi-annual basis and the style of Birkin bag delivered to boutiques is rarely known ahead of time. As a result, customers must either make do with the available Birkin bag offered by the sales associate or patiently wait for the style they want to become available.

The Birkin is the most searched for Hermès bag. How much is a Birkin bag depends on many things including material, size, age and condition. While the Birkin bag comes in different hardware options, it is more of a personal preference and has less impact on the price of a Birkin bag.

  • The Birkin comes in several standard sizes, Birkin 25, Birkin 30, Birkin 35 and Birkin 40.
  • The smallest Birkin purse are limited editions including the Faubourg Birkin 20 and micro Birkin 15 or Baby Birkin.
  • The most popular Birkin bag sizes are Birkin 25 and Birkin 30.
  • A Birkin directly from Hermès ranges in price from about $10,000 for a leather bag to over $200,000 for a crocodile and diamond Birkin.

Birkin bag price at Sotheby’s generally ranges from $15,000 for an older leather Birkin 35 to over $400,000 for a store fresh diamond Himalayan Birkin bag. Most birkin bags sold at Sotheby’s are leather and sell for between $20,000 to $30,000 and are a Birkin 25 or Birkin 30.

Why do people buy Birkin?

History of the Hermès Birkin Bag – The Hermès Birkin bag is a symbol of luxury and exclusivity in the world of fashion. The iconic Birkin bag story began in 1984 when actress and singer Jane Birkin met Hermès CEO Jean-Louis Dumas on a flight from Paris to London.

  1. During their conversation, Birkin expressed her need for a functional yet stylish bag, which led to the creation of the now-famous Birkin bag.
  2. The Birkin bag’s innovative design at the time features two rolled handles, a flap top, clou “feet,” and a lock closure.
  3. This practical and elegant design has continued to capture the hearts of Hermès collectors and,

The Birkin is meticulously crafted by expert trained artisans who spend a minimum of 18 hours on each piece. A single artisan creates and assembles the entire bag versus more modern assembly line manufacturing. Each Birkin bag carries a unique code indicating the year it was made, the workshop where it was crafted, and the artisan responsible for its creation.

  • Acquiring a Birkin directly from Hermès is no easy feat.
  • Customers must have a purchase history with the brand, and boutiques are only allowed to order a limited number of Birkins twice a year.
  • Moreover, the styles of Birkin bags received by the boutiques are often a surprise, making it difficult for customers to secure their desired bag.

This exclusivity adds to the allure of the Hermès Birkin bag. Birkin bags are considered an investment piece due to their enduring appeal and timeless design. The Birkin bag was $2,000 in 1984 when it was first produced. Today a standard leather Birkin is around $10,000 while a crocodile and diamond-encrusted Birkin bag can retail for as much as $200,000.

It is the most sought-after Hermès bags with nearly 1 million searches every month for the Birkin. The Hermès Birkin remains the most iconic of all its bags and is a testament to the brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and luxury. The Birkin bag comes in four standard sizes: Birkin 25, Birkin 30, Birkin 35, and Birkin 40.

The Birkin 20 is the smallest size and is currently only available as a Limited Edition Birkin Faubourg, Insiders are saying the Birkin 20 will becoming available in exotic materials and leather at it’s Paris Store. A few images of the Birkin 20 have been shared on social media platforms, but wider available of this size remains unknown.

  1. A Birkin’s size is determined by its length in centimeters across the base.
  2. For example, a Birkin 35 has a length of 35 centimeters across the base of the bag.
  3. The Birkin 25 is large enough to fit your daily necessities while the more popular Birkin 30 offers space for necessities as well as a makeup bag or a tablet computer.

The Birkin 35 can fit your essentials and a small laptop while the Birkin 40 is frequently used as a travel bag thanks to its spacious interior. All Birkins have one interior side pocket and the rest of the bag is a single compartment. The bottom base holds it shape and doesn’t buckle even after years of use.

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Can normal people buy Birkin bags?

From the Prada Cleo to the Balenciaga Hourglass, trendy bags come and go—but there’s really only a handful of silhouettes that are truly timeless. Many agree that the Hermès Birkin is a step above the rest, and not just because of the bag’s often-outrageous price point.

These meticulously-crafted handbags can last you a lifetime; however, that’s how long you may spend trying to get one. When debating how to get a Birkin bag, it’s not as easy as waltzing into an Hermès store in your best street style attire and asking for an Epsom leather Birkin 30 in Rose Tyrien, Birkins are not available to be purchased by just anyone.

Instead, sales associates choose whether or not to offer clients quota bags (either Birkins or Kellys, the latter of which are arguably just as popular and elusive) based on a myriad of factors, some known and some unknown. Many will say the only way to be offered a bag is to spend a certain amount—to “hit a quota,” hence the slang “quota bags”—whereas others have been offered bags seemingly at random with zero spending history, and a few unfortunate folks spend regularly without ever being offered a bag.

  1. When a quota bag is offered, a client is taken back into a special room and presented with the handbag, then given the option to purchase.
  2. Essentially, Hermès invites its top customers to spend thousands on a bag they’ve deemed the client worthy to carry.
  3. Clients can make wishlists to give their sales associates an idea of the bags, colors, leathers, and sizes they have their eyes on, but ultimately, the associate decides what bag will be offered, if any.

Charles Gross

Can I walk in and buy a Birkin?

While it may sound like fun to start an investment portfolio of Birkins, most people just don’t have the money to jump in 10 grand at a time. A lot of people who are interested in buying a bag they love aren’t banking on a huge return, but you don’t have to go in for a Birkin or Kelly to get both! The Hermès Constance and Evelyne are elegant, iconic styles in classic shapes, and they really keep their value.

Obviously, you can buy most Hermès bags straight from Hermès. It may take you a while, but you can buy a Birkin straight from the boutique. You just can’t walk into an Hermès boutique and buy a Birkin immediately. It must be ordered, and there is a waiting list. You also can’t buy the Birkin, Kelly, or most of Hermès’s more iconic styles online.

So if you want a Birkin or Constance, for example, and you live in Biloxi, Mississippi, you will need to drive to Atlanta, Georgia, or Houston, Texas, to buy your bag from Hermès. But when you buy from Fashionphile, there are no waiting lists, and everything is available online.

How long will a Birkin last?

The Hermès Birkin: How to take care of it Oh, the Birkin bag. Is there any investment piece more iconic? Named after Jane Birkin after she inspired its design on a flight from London to Paris in 1984, the Hermès Birkin is now one of the most quintessential accessories ever to be created. Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Photo: designer-vintage.com Either way, caring for your Birkin is imperative if you want to maintain its appearance and protect its longevity. Below are a few essential tips.

Sizes Birkin 20 – L20 x H13 x D12 cm (Limited edition)Birkin 25 – L25 x H20 x D13 cmBirkin 30 – L30 x H22 x D16 cmBirkin 35 – L35 x H25 x D18 cmBirkin 40 – L 40 x H30 x D21 cm

Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Photo: blog.theluxurycloset.com Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive The Faubourg Birkin 20 in Bleu (photo: sothebys.com) Using it Any handbag is of course designed to be worn. A Hermès Birkin is crafted to last, with exquisite leathers and skins that age well and develop a unique patina with use, which just adds to its character. However, it’s worth taking a few things into consideration.

First of all, be careful with anything that might accidentally stain the interior of your bag or leave permanent unsightly marks – this means pens, lipstick, hand sanitiser, or your SPF50. Put these in a case or pouch instead of loose in your bag to prevent a mishap. Ink in particular is almost impossible to get out of leather and drastically reduces the resale value of your bag too.

Don’t overstuff your Birkin with items that are too heavy or large as this can stretch the handles and distort the bag’s shape in the long run.

Avoid putting your bag on the floor or any surfaces that might expose it to dirt, liquids or other things that could tarnish the outside. Although some leathers are a bit more resistant, suede and especially exotic skins like croc are incredibly susceptible to watermarks.

, Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive,

Be conscious of rubbing your Birkin against raw, dark or embellished clothing when carrying it so you don’t get scratch marks or discolour lighter leathers.

If you want to protect your Birkin’s handles from too much wear and tear, Twillies are a great option. These are silk ribbons which come in the same material and designs as Hermès scarves. Twillies can add some flair to your bag while also safeguarding it from natural oils and creams on your hands.

, Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Photo: ellecanada.com Cleaning it Taking proper care of your Birkin will include cleaning it from time to time. You should always stay away from strong cleaning agents and never try to repair anything on the bag yourself, but you can carefully clean the interior and exterior at home after daily use to stop any spots or dirt from setting in.

Softly wipe your bag with a lint-free microfiber cloth after using it to remove any dirt or dust from the leather and hardware. You can also use a clean soft brush to reach any cracks.

Familiarise yourself with the specifics of your Birkin’s leather. Hermès handbags come in a range of different leathers, from smooth or grained to exotic, each with their own characteristics and needs. While you can dab some leathers with a drop of water or even special leather care creams, this can cause damage to others.

For any repairs, to replace hardware, or just to maintain your Birkin over the long term, take it to a Hermès Bag Spa by the brand’s after-sales care experts. Although Hermès’ own service can take longer than other leather spa treatments, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the correct cleaning procedure for your product will be followed.

Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Photo: theglamandglitter.com Storing it Hermès Birkin bags are both beautiful and practical, so it’s no crime to want to wear yours every day. However, quality leather handbags need time to rest and breathe so we recommend swapping it out for a different one at least every so often. When not in use, it’s also important that you store your Birkin in the right conditions.

Keep your handbag away from elements such as direct sunlight or heat – like radiators – which can cause the leather to fade, dry out, and can cause cracks. Wherever you store your bag should be dry, room temperature and ventilated as leather can very easily absorb smells.

When storing your Birkin long term, it’s best to keep it in a dust bag in its original box, making sure nothing is distorted or squished. If you have a detachable shoulder strap, store it inside the bag or in a dust bag of its own. Keep the lid of the box off so that the leather can breathe.

If you use your Birkin regularly, it’s usually more practical to store it in an upright position somewhere with plenty of room. Either way, make sure you fill it with a Bagpad so that it keeps its shape and doesn’t sag, which creates wrinkles and leads to your bag becoming misshapen or even cracking over time. Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive

For optimum storage, wrap your Birkin’s hardware in lint-free cloth, but never use tape as this can ruin the plating.

Growing with it Hermès Birkin bags age like fine wine and over time, the leather will naturally change and soften. Certain nuances wrought by use will only make your bag that much more one-of-a-kind, but taking good care of it will keep it looking beautiful year after year. photo: fifthavenuegirl.com : The Hermès Birkin: How to take care of it

Who owns a Birkin?

The Birkin bag | How and where to buy Hermès’ most iconic design With a cameo in Sex and the City, a rap song in its honour, a mysterious waiting list, and an origin story that involves a Sixties style icon and a fateful plane journey – not to mention a resale value of nearly 200 per cent – the Hermès Birkin is kind of a big deal,

  1. Let’s start at the very beginning.
  2. Once upon a time, in 1983 to be exact, a famously befringed, achingly cool actress called Jane Birkin boarded an Air France flight to London.
  3. Her beloved basket bag had been intentionally run over by her then-husband, Jacques Doillon, two days prior, and she was carrying a nondescript replacement.

It wasn’t fit for purpose as she ended up dropping her Hermès notebook, and remarking that no bag was large enough to hold all of her papers. Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Raimonda Kulikauskiene // Getty Images Luckily, her fairy godfather – Jean-Louis Dumas, then CEO of Hermès – happened to be sitting nearby. He introduced himself and suggested Birkin find a bag with pockets to accommodate her stationery overflow, before sketching a rough design on the back of a sick bag. Birkin, £17556.48 Unlike the dominating the 1980s, the Birkin was quietly luxurious and devoid of shouty logos. It was distinguished by a semi-structured body, two rolled handles, clou ‘feet’, and a turnlock closure, which could be secured with the accompanying padlock and key.

(We’d posit that one ought to be less concerned about the contents than the bag itself, which had the princely sum of $2,000 then – £5,000 in today’s money – and now retails at a starting point of around £8,800.) Jun Sato // Getty Images At 35cm wide, it was a more petite (yet adequately capacious) version of Hermès’ Haut à Courroies – the travel bag of choice for Jane Birkin’s ex-husband, Serge Gainsbourg.

Today, the Birkin comes in three additional sizes: 25, 30 and 40 centimetres. Neil Mockford / Ricky Vigil M // Getty Images Perhaps it was the Birkin’s discreet styling, or the fact that Chanel had the luxury market in an exceedingly chic chokehold, but this now-iconic bag got off to a slow start. Nevertheless, by the mid 1990s it had gained considerable momentum, and by 2001 it was firmly in ‘It’ bag territory, its status sealed by Sex and the City and the iconic line: “It’s not a bag.

It’s a Birkin.” In season four of the cult show, publicist Samantha Jones falls in love with a red Birkin 35, telling Carrie, “When I’m tooling around town with that bag, I’ll know I’ve made it.” After discovering that there is a five-year waiting list, she pretends the bag is for her client, Lucy Liu, which does not end well.

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In And Just Like That. season two, the Birkin took centre stage once again, in, And, if you needed further proof of how difficult it is to obtain such a bag, it was recently revealed that a blue ‘Birkin’ Carrie totes in season five wasn’t, in fact, the genuine article.

  • Edward Berthelot // Getty Images The Birkin’s hard-to-get reputation is part of its allure.
  • The details of how to purchase one directly from Hermès remains a closely-guarded secret but rumour has it that customers must have an established purchase history with the brand and have added the objects of their desires to their ‘wish-list’ – a term Hermès introduced since it no longer offers a traditional waiting list (some conjecture it never really existed, anyway) and only delivers a select number of Birkins to each boutique.

The Birkin’s scarcity has a lot to do with the time it takes to make. Each bag takes between 12 and 18 hours to create, at the hands of master craftspeople who have to undergo between two and six years of training before starting work in Hermès’ leather workshop. You can purchase a Birkin on the resale market – as well as its sister, the – but be prepared to pay a premium. Given how difficult it is to buy directly from the source, resale Birkins are at least double the retail price, ranging from around £15,000 to £30,000 for a classic style in good condition, and well beyond that for something extra special (for example, the diamond-embellished Himalaya Crocodile Birkin, which sold at auction in 2021 for over £400,000).

  1. If you can afford it, it’s a worthy investment.
  2. A 2017 study revealed that the Birkin’s value has increased by 500 per cent in the last 35 years, and according to a 2020 report by Knight Frank, an investment in the bag is better than stocks or gold.
  3. Eagle-eyed Birkin fanciers may be able to find pre-loved options around the £9,000 mark, if they’re willing to settle for a less popular shade or one with some wear and scratches – with the exception of Jane Birkin’s well-loved bag, which, cat bites, scuffs and all, sold at auction in 2021 for £119,000.

In fact, there has been an uptick in those searching for love-worn Birkins after an old photo of Mary Kate Olsen carrying one resurfaced on Reddit. In their Luxury Consignment Report, The RealReal writes, “There’s a growing number of shoppers specifically seeking the je ne sais quoi that comes with a little wear-and-tear.” James Devaney // Getty Images Jane Birkin only has one namesake bag in her possession at any given time (she sells them when they become old and battered), but other celebrities live by ‘the more Birkins, the better’ mantra.

Virgil Abloh owned more than a dozen Birkins, Drake has been collecting them for years (for his future wife, apparently), and Victoria Beckham is said to have amassed over 100, but this pales into comparison alongside the 200 owned by Singaporean socialite and entrepreneur, Jamie Chua, who is thought to have the largest collection.

Other notable Birkin owners include Kate Moss (who allegedly used hers as a nappy bag), Winnie Harlow, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and North West, who was pictured with a white Birkin at the tender age of six. Christian Vierig As a bag steeped in fashion lore, it’s no wonder the Birkin has been the subject of (sometimes controversial) art.

In 2012, Francesca Eastwood – daughter of Clint – set one on fire as part of an ‘art project’ (thankfully, the bag turned out to be a fake); in 2014, Jeff Koons incorporated several Birkins with eminent former owners into an art installation; and in 2019, rapper Gunna released a song called ‘Baby Birkin’.

This month, an NFT ‘MetaBirkin’ (an animation of a foetus growing in a Birkin bag) created and sold by artist Mason Rothschild was the subject of a copyright lawsuit, which Hermès won, prompting brand fans to speculate as to when the luxury house might enter the metaverse.

How many Birkins does Kim Kardashian have?

Kim Kardashians Insane Birkin Collection The Kardashian bag collection we’re krazy for (get it?) Love her or loathe her, there is one thing no one can deny; Kim Kardashian knows her stuff when it comes to designer handbags, and has a collection that is to die for. She’s even rumoured to have an exclusive ‘handbag room’ dedicated to her designer bags in her house. Goals, right? Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Her collection includes designs from Louis Vuitton to Valentino and everything in between. A girl after our own heart, Kim is a huge fan of the Hermes Birkin and is thought to own over 30. Yes, that’s right, 3 – 0. If you think that’s impressive, Victoria Beckham reportedly has a collection of over 100 Birkins, estimated to be worth over £1.4 million, and Singaporean socialite and entrepreneur Jamie Chua is considered to have the world’s largest Birkin collection with over 200 bags.

Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Which Birkins does Kim own? Himalayan Birkin

Kim has been spotted with an extremely rare Himalayan Birkin in the past. The rarest form of Birkin on the market, Himalayan Birkins are made from white crocodile leather, and usually retail for over £75,000. Custom Birkin In 2013, Kims then-fiancé Kanye West gifted her a Birkin 40 handbag with custom artwork by contemporary artist George Condo, who also painted the cover of West’s 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. And, who could forget the time West gifted his wife an Hermès Herbag (basically a canvas equivalent of the Birkin) hand-painted by her daughter, North West? Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Let’s not forget about Stormi It looks like a younger member of the family may give Kim a run for her money in the style stakes in the future, with her niece Stormi (Kylies daughter) being pictured carrying a micro Hermès Kelly handbag. Us, jealous of a three-year-old? Never! Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive If you’re lucky enough to own a Birkin (a girl can dream) take a look at our & to keep it looking in pristine condition. : Kim Kardashians Insane Birkin Collection

How many Birkin bags can you buy a year?

From Birkin to Kelly to Constance: Understanding Hermès Bag Styles – Did you know that there are over 80 Hermès bag styles in production? These include Lindy, Picotin, Evelyne, Bolide, and many others, Figuring out how to buy an Hermès bag in most styles is pretty easy.

They can be purchased from Hermès online or from a brand boutique. However, Hermès aficionados love the Birkin, Kelly, and Constance bags above all others. These are considered the “Holy Trinity” of Hermès. While collectors were the first to designate these styles as stars, the design house has followed suit.

The sale of these bags is highly restricted. The Birkin and Kelly bags are subject to a stringent quota system worldwide. Hermès allows no one to purchase more than two “quota bags” in a calendar year. If you were to buy a Birkin and a Kelly bag in March, you just have to wait until the following year before buying another. Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive

Is a Birkin an everyday bag?

Size – The Hermès Birkin comes in four different sizes – 25, 30, 35, and 40. Conveniently, each size indicates the model’s measurements. The Hermès Birkin 40, for instance, is the most voluminous version and measures 40cm in width. It offers enough space to pack for a weekend away, whereas the Birkin 30 is a much-coveted everyday option. Hermès Birkin bag size comparison

Is a Birkin a better investment than gold?

Is the Birkin a better investment than the stock market? Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Getty The — and if you can somehow get your hands on one, it turns out it’s not a bad way to spend your money. A new study finds that purchasing a Birkin bag is a less risky investment than buying gold or entering the stock market. To be clear, the study was conducted by Baghunter, a website that sells luxury handbags, so it’s obviously not coming from an unbiased source.

But it’s still a fascinating look at the Birkin’s constantly high demand in a world full of fickle shoppers. Researchers compared the S&P 500, gold and Birkin bags to see how their value changed over the past 35 years. The stock market had a return of a nominal average of 11.66 percent, with a real return average of 8.65 percent; gold had an average annual return of 1.9 percent, with a real return average of -1.5%.

And those numbers assume that you don’t buy or sell within that 35-year time period. Birkin bags, on the other hand, increased in value by 14.2 percent over the same time period. Gold and stocks can be volatile, increasing and decreasing in value all the time, but the Birkin bag only became more and more valuable over the time period.

  • The value really shot up in 2001, when it increased in value by 25%, but every year has shown an uptick.
  • And just last year, a Birkin bag was sold at auction for a record price of $223,000.
  • Why is the bag so valuable? Because it’s scarce.
  • There’s a years-long waiting list for a new Birkin, and that has led to a booming resale market.

Fortune reports that you can get them repaired for life, which means you can pass it down to children and grandchildren—or you could just sell it on eBay for as much as six figures. Plus, despite a sluggish economy over the last decade, the highest of the high end is doing just fine. : Is the Birkin a better investment than the stock market?

Is Birkin cheaper than Kelly?

Is the Birkin bag more expensive than the Kelly handbag? – The Kelly and Birkin bags will both set you back a small fortune. The Birkin handbag does tend to be a little bit more expensive than a Kelly bag. This does depend on a lot of factors, like the leather, colour, hardware and the year of production of the bag.

Does a Birkin lose value?

Louis Vuitton Neverfull – Cost: $2,030 The Louis Vuitton Neverfull seems to never go out of style, and it has remained a popular handbag thanks to periodic price increases and a high demand, Erkel told Who What Wear. “The Neverfull is one of Louis Vuitton’s all-time most successful bags that come in endless options of materials as well as limited editions and special artist collaborations,” she said.

Is a Birkin bag worth more than gold?

Hermès Birkin bag better investment than gold or stocks London – Hermès Birkin bags are more valuable than gold or stocks, according to a recent study that found that in the last 35 years, the iconic French handbag has increased in value by more than 500 percent.

  1. In Baghunter’s study, the online handbag consignment marketplace compared three different types of popular investments: the S&P 500, gold and Hermès Birkin handbags.
  2. The Birkin bag, named for actress Jane Birkin, turns out is a sound investment outperforming the other two traditional investment vehicles.

During the 35-year period, Baghunter found that Hermès Birkin handbags have increased in value year-over-year. The handbag has offered an average annual value increase of 14.2 percent. Unlike the S&P 500 and gold, the value of Birkin handbags has never decreased and has steadily and consistently increased.

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Why are Birkins always open?

Discover the history behind Touch, Ghillies and Cargo Birkins, and other rare designs, illustrated with lots offered at Christie’s What happens when one of the world’s most exclusive bags gets even rarer? Hermès only produces a limited quantity of its iconic Birkin each year, making the maison’s special editions, released every few years, incredibly difficult to get one’s hands on.


At once dramatic yet understated, the Shadow Birkin was first introduced in 2009 by famed French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermès’s creative director from 2003 to 2010. A decade later, Hermès re-released the bag in limited numbers. Gaultier made his mark on the house by reinterpreting classic styles in contemporary ways.

2 The Club Birkin

One of the sportiest designs from the house, the Club Birkin was first produced in 2012. Similar to the 2017 Touch Birkin, the Club often showcases exotic materials in its signature pair of vertical stripes. Yet, like the later Sunrise Rainbow, colour-blocking is key. Therefore, the Club always includes a contrasting centre panel.

3 The Ghillies Birkin

One of Hermès’s most coveted and hard-to-find designs is the Ghillies, which is distinguished by its decorative trim. Introduced in 2012, the Ghillies was an extension of the haute bijouterie jewellery collection produced in 2011 by Pierre Hardy, artistic director of jewellery at Hermès.

4 The Touch Birkin

Released in 2017, the Touch is Hermès’s answer to collectors looking for a hint of exotic material on their bags. This style is available in a variety of jewel tones and features a leather body with an alligator or crocodile top flap. Occasionally, other parts of the bag will also be highlighted by pops of exotic leather.

5 The Tressage Birkin

Bags from Hermès’s Tressage, or ‘braided,’ collection are defined by their panels of multicoloured woven leather. The Birkin iteration was introduced in 2018 and only produced in three colourways. It comes exclusively in 30 and 35cm sizes.

6 The Faubourg Birkin

One of Hermès’s latest ‘Holy Grail’ bags, the Faubourg Birkin was first introduced in a very limited edition at the end of 2019. Originally making its debut in two colourways, brown and navy, Hermès has now dazzled collectors with a new version in Beton.

7 The Sunrise and Sunset Birkins

First produced in 2020, the Sunrise and Sunset Rainbows are exclusive Birkins finished with Sellier stitching. Generally reserved for the houses’s Kelly handbags, ‘sellier’ refers to the visible outside stitching which gives the bag a crisper, more structured shape.

8 The Cargo Birkin

Making its debut in 2020, the Cargo Birkin is another one of Hermès’s newest limited-edition styles. Crafted in lightweight canvas and sporting five outer pockets, it is the most functional Birkin to date. At its conception in 1981, the Birkin bag was celebrated for its practicality in comparison to other bags at the time.

9 The So Black Birkin

The So Black collection, currently one of the most desirable on the market, was not always as coveted as it is today. Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier, the black hardware effect is created thanks to a special PVD (physical vapour deposition) coating. When it was first released in 2010, it was swiftly pulled from distribution because the delicate nature of the hardware made consumers wary that it was impractical.

10 The 3 in 1 Birkin

The 3 in 1 Birkin, which first graced the runway at Paris Fashion Week in spring 2021, is defined by versatility. The distinctive pochette can be attached to the handbag and used as an compartment or removed and carried as a standalone clutch. When detached from the pochette, the bag becomes a handy tote.

Is it legal to resell Hermès?

Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive As challenging as it can be to purchase an Hermès bag from a boutique, today, we’re exploring the reasons to sell Hermès bags, Many women and men wind up choosing to sell Hermès bags for diverse reasons. For many, it’s a one-time experience. Others turn it into a lucrative business.

Whether you are downsizing your collection of beloved Birkin bags, or you haven’t yet scored the Kelly bag of your dreams, you have your own reasons to sell. Perhaps you want to sell the leather bags you had to take to keep your SA happy to afford to buy the exotic one you really want. Once you have clarified your reasons for selling, explore our guide on how to sell Hermès bags for cash,

Rumors abound but it is perfectly legal to resell a bag that you purchased from an Hermès boutique or from the resale market. The bag becomes your property the second it has been paid for and you have the right to do as you wish with that bag. The only limitation is that you cannot alter the trademark and resell it in that altered state.

If the bag was not purchased directly at a store, it is important to ensure that the bag is authentic. Selling counterfeit bags is illegal, as is buying counterfeit bags that you know are not authentic. We may be your favorite seller of luxury handbags, but did you know that Madison Avenue Couture is also a leading buyer of Hermès bags on the secondary market? We purchase and consign authentic Hermès and Chanel bags in new and mint condition.

But just because you can sell your Hermès bags, should you?

Can you resell a Birkin?

Sell A Birkin Now on Marketplace – Birkins sold on Sotheby’s Marketplace are sold for a fixed price and sellers receive 80% of the selling price. Birkin pricing is based on condition, color, material and size. The market demand for specific Limited Edition Birkins can vary since the Birkin market is pretty dynamic.

Are Birkins out of style?

So, the Birkin isn’t over. Or is it? – Beyoncé may have puzzled Birkin lovers for a bit there. Still, the bag’s historical performance (and reputation as an “investment purchase”) not only remained steady but has grown stronger during the pandemic. At the luxury resale site, Privé Porter, Birkins sell for 50 to 100% over their retail price, rarer pieces going for up to 10 times that figure.

And regarding the purse’s outstanding COVID-era performance, the company’s managing director Jeffrey Berk says, “The clientele for a Birkin or Kelly handbag suddenly wasn’t traveling, buying a house or a Bentley. She had a lot of cash and needed to park it in an indulgence.” In the real world, we have seen how this has panned out, with the Hermès store in Guangzhou, China, having made over $3 million in sales on its first day of opening post-pandemic, one of the biggest single-day sales figures the company ever reported and definitely higher than pre-COVID sales.

The Birkin has remained enduringly popular. In the brand’s attempt to limit sales to its top clients and restrict supply (its leather goods production only increases by about six percent to seven percent annually), its perceived scarcity and perceived value seem to rise.

So, is the Birkin really going anywhere, or is it here to stay? Judging by the responses and reactions to the Beyoncé album, I’m inclined to say that it’s still a classic. We definitely should check out Telfar, not only due to its rising popularity but also because of its community-driven motto. Telfar and Hermès, however, represent two very different worlds and, by extension, audiences, so I suppose it’s quite safe to say that Telfar probably isn’t going for the Birkin’s throne.

Both can happily coexist. And after the album’s release, it’s apparent that there really is no bad publicity for Hermès. In fact, some Birkin-lovers have even stated that Birkins are like gold and need to be secured to protect their pristineness and prices! Neither is Queen Bey leaving her mainstream designer brands anytime soon, as apparent from the name-dropping in the album.

Is every Birkin unique?

One Of A Kind – In conclusion, the Birkin Bag has solidified its place as the ultimate luxury item in the world of fashion. From the iconic and timeless designs to the rare and exotic materials used to create them, Birkins are truly one-of-a-kind pieces.

Whether you’re a collector or simply an admirer, exploring the unique and coveted designs of Birkin Bags is a truly thrilling experience. From the Diamond Birkin to the Shadow Birkin, the Ghillies Birkin, and the Faubourg Birkin, each design tells its own story and captures the essence of luxury and exclusivity.

So why not indulge in the beauty and elegance of Birkin Bags, and maybe even add one to your own collection? Do you have any questions or are you looking for a specific designer item? We are more than happy to help you on our online platforms or welcome you in one of our stores in the center of Amsterdam.

Is a Birkin a better investment than gold?

Is the Birkin a better investment than the stock market? Why Are Birkin Bags So Expensive Getty The — and if you can somehow get your hands on one, it turns out it’s not a bad way to spend your money. A new study finds that purchasing a Birkin bag is a less risky investment than buying gold or entering the stock market. To be clear, the study was conducted by Baghunter, a website that sells luxury handbags, so it’s obviously not coming from an unbiased source.

  1. But it’s still a fascinating look at the Birkin’s constantly high demand in a world full of fickle shoppers.
  2. Researchers compared the S&P 500, gold and Birkin bags to see how their value changed over the past 35 years.
  3. The stock market had a return of a nominal average of 11.66 percent, with a real return average of 8.65 percent; gold had an average annual return of 1.9 percent, with a real return average of -1.5%.

And those numbers assume that you don’t buy or sell within that 35-year time period. Birkin bags, on the other hand, increased in value by 14.2 percent over the same time period. Gold and stocks can be volatile, increasing and decreasing in value all the time, but the Birkin bag only became more and more valuable over the time period.

The value really shot up in 2001, when it increased in value by 25%, but every year has shown an uptick. And just last year, a Birkin bag was sold at auction for a record price of $223,000. Why is the bag so valuable? Because it’s scarce. There’s a years-long waiting list for a new Birkin, and that has led to a booming resale market.

Fortune reports that you can get them repaired for life, which means you can pass it down to children and grandchildren—or you could just sell it on eBay for as much as six figures. Plus, despite a sluggish economy over the last decade, the highest of the high end is doing just fine. : Is the Birkin a better investment than the stock market?