Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Phone?

Why is my YouTube not loading?

2. Clear Cache, Cookies, and Data – Sometimes, expired cookies or clogged app data don’t allow YouTube to function properly. In such cases, you need to clear cache data and cookies. Here is how to do it.1. On the desktop, paste chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the Chrome URL bar and hit enter. Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Phone 2. On Android, tap and hold the YouTube app and open “App Info”. Here, go to Storage and then clear both data and cache, Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Phone 3. On iOS, you can’t clear the cache manually, but you can delete the app and re-install it again to start afresh without any issues.

Why is YouTube not playing on Android?

What leads to YouTube or Online Videos Not Playing on Android? – YouTube is one of the most popular apps to watch videos online, but there are times when the app itself seems to malfunction. Here are some of the major reasons for YouTube videos loading but not playing Android :

You might be running an outdated version of YouTube on your phone. The video hosted could be corrupted or have some missing frames. You might not have permission to access the specific video. There can be some issues with the mobile or WiFi network on your device. Even a slight change in your phone’s network settings can cause this issue. A VPN, firewall, anti-virus, or any other third-party app can also make the video unable to play.

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Why YouTube is crashing on my iPhone?

2. Check the Internet Connection – The Internet is a necessary accessory for apps like YouTube, except for offline (downloaded) videos. The YouTube app on iPhone might be glitching due to an unsteady network connection. Instead of showing an offline prompt, YouTube might be freezing or crashing. Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Phone Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Phone If the connection is stable, try the next step. Although, if there is an issue with the network, check out our guide on fixing cellular data not working on the iPhone.

Why YouTube is blocked?

Why is YouTube blocked? – YouTube may be blocked for several reasons, including age restrictions, geo-blocking and licensing restrictions, or network restrictions set up by your school or employer. Understanding why videos are restricted can help you unblock YouTube videos so you can keep watching your favorite channels. Here are some of the reasons YouTube might be blocked:

Why is YouTube not working on my phone something went wrong?

If you’re encountering the Youtube app something went wrong error on your mobile device, try clearing the cache using the following steps: Open the settings menu on your phone. Locate and select ‘Apps’ or ‘Application Management’ (depending on your Android model) Scroll through the list and find the YouTube app.

Why does YouTube freeze on my phone?

6. Reset Google Play Services – Google Play Services is a system app that connects apps on your phone to Google services. Problems with Google Play Services could cause your apps, including YouTube, to stop on your Android. To fix this, you can reset Google Play Services on your Android by following the steps below. Step 1: Launch the Settings app and navigate to Apps. Step 2: Scroll down to tap on Google Play Services and select Storage from the following menu. Step 3: Tap on Manage storage at the bottom and hit the Clear All Data button.

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When was YouTube blocked?

Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Phone Pakistan announced on Monday that it was restoring YouTube access in the country, after Google created a Pakistan-specific version of its video platform that allows authorities to censor content on the site. YouTube was blocked in Pakistan in 2012 after the posting of an inflammatory video, Innocence of Muslims, sparked violent protests across the Muslim world. Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Phone Under the agreement, the Pakistan Telecom Authority will be able to ask YouTube to remove any material it deems offensive, the government said in a statement. YouTube maintains more than 85 country-specific sites around the world in order to showcase local content, and in some cases to comply with local censorship laws.

More from The Financial Times : Markets: High anxiety Noble Group deal creates new set of problems WhatsApp and Instagram shift business models In Google’s most recent transparency report, the company said that YouTube received more than 12,000 takedown requests from governments during the second half of 2014.

The company said it had complied with about half of these demands. Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Phone Western diplomats said the ban had become irrelevant as many users in Pakistan had found ways to access YouTube using proxy servers. “Many users were able to successfully access YouTube so what was the point keeping the ban,” said one. YouTube and other US sites including Facebook have faced periodic blocks in Pakistan over content that is deemed to be blasphemous.

Why is my iPhone YouTube black screen?

How to Tell If Your Network or ISP Is Causing YouTube Black Screens – If your internet connection is completely down, YouTube won’t load at all. Many network and internet problems allow sites like YouTube to load partially while leaving elements like videos as black boxes.

  1. To fix a network problem that causes black screens on YouTube, power cycling the modem and router usually does the trick.
  2. Internet problems that prevent YouTube videos from loading are more difficult to deal with because these must be fixed by your ISP.
  3. If you suspect your internet connection has problems, contact your ISP for assistance.
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Here are some things you can try to fix YouTube black screens if the problem has to do with a network or internet connection:

  1. Power cycle the router and modem. Unplug both the modem and router from the power source for at least 10 seconds before plugging the devices back in. Some devices need to be unplugged longer.
  2. If you connect to the internet using Wi-Fi, switch to a wired connection or move the computer closer to the router.
  3. Change the Dynamic Name Server (DNS) settings to use a free DNS.
  4. Flush the DNS cache,
  5. Use a speed testing service to check the status of the internet connection.
  6. If you experience connection problems, YouTube may not work correctly until your ISP fixes the issue.

Why does YouTube not work on iPhone 14?

Method 3. Update YouTube app and iOS version – If you just update your YouTube app to the recent version and didn’t update the iOS version, then the issue “YouTube not working on iPhone 14/13/12/11/ X” may appear. Therefore, update your YouTube app and iOS version both. Then you can check whether the issue exists or not. ▄ Update iOS software: Go to ” Settings ” > ” General ” > ” Software Update ” to check the latest version and install it. Why Is Youtube Not Working On My Phone ▄ Update YouTube app: Long-press ” App Store ” and then update YouTube. Step 3. Finally, run YouTube to check whether the issue remains.